Success Stories

We have worked on projects with clients throughout the United States. Although confidentiality agreements preclude us from proving specific company names and details, shown below are brief summaries of projects that we have worked on.

Planning for Profitable Growth

We were approached by a small, specialized medical marketing company that provided marketing services to cosmetic surgeons. The company needed capital to expand its operations and continue its aggressive marketing campaign. We worked with the company in order to diagnose growth and controlled expansion issues and are assisted in arranging the financing needed to expand the business.

Market Opportunities and Business Models

This financial service sector company was involved in a single product. Its market niche was shrinking as a result of newer and lower profit margin products developed by its highly capitalized competition. We worked with the company to reposition, build and implement a business and strategic plan that provides a diversified portfolio of niche products and services. The successful implementation of the plan enabled the company to enjoy continued growth and financial stability.

Increasing Profit Margins

We were engaged by this specialty retailer to recommend ways in which they could increase profitability and reduce its financial risks. The retailer operates its business primarily during the holiday season. We worked with the company to determine appropriateness of site selection, develop financial controls and weekly reports as part of a system of an ongoing process of accountability to its Board of Advisors.

New Product Launch

This telecom installation company was seeking to expand its business and enter into a related business. They approached us to assist in the development of the business and strategic plan and provide extensive financial consulting services that enabled them to enter into a strategic alliance with a publicly held company.

Rent A CFO

We were engaged to provide business and strategic planning services for a biomedical consortium. The assignment included developing and consolidating business models for each enterprises, provide detailed analysis to understand the ramifications of major transactions, assist in negotiating major contracts, structure transactions and review contracts to determine the financial risks, and its consistency with deal terms.

Financial Due Diligence

This specialty energy consulting company was seeking additional capital to fund the growth it anticipated from new client acquisitions. We were engaged to position and pack the company to enable them to obtain the financing and advised them and walked them through the due diligence process. They obtained the capital as well as a number of prestigious new clients.

Going Public

We were engaged by several of our clients to provide financial consulting services, financial analysis, negotiation support and other services to assist them in the process of going public. In each situation the companies did go public.

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