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As small business owners, we must constantly think and rethink our company's future and direction. We deal with the unknown, make decisions with limited information, monitor and reallocate our limited resources frequently. As the facts and circumstances change, previous decisions need to be re-evaluated. Research and better information enable us to make more informed decisions, thereby decreasing risks. We help small business owners assimilate new information into their plans and show the impact the new information has on the plan. We help clients stay focused on delivering the plan.

Creative assists clients to allocate their resources wisely. When clients hit roadblocks, we help find alternatives that will enable clients to navigate the roadblocks while minimizing the loss of resources. Creative assists clients understand the critical path that must be taken, develops benchmarks and monitors performance against these benchmarks. We provide accountability.

We all recognize that it is impossible to predict the future with any degree of accuracy. Many of us recognize that we must take steps to create our future if we are to have the future we envision. Creative helps clients achieve results.

Rent A CFO

Proper planning is a prerequisite of surviving the high start-up failure rate we see in this country. Improper planning causes entrepreneurs to be reactive instead of proactive, thereby impeding a business from achieving its potential. A healthy cash flow is an essential part of any successful business. Many entrepreneurs do not understand concepts such as cash flow and the importance of their financial projections. They just don't have a grasp on the numbers and fail when they "run out of money." That often occurs because it took longer to achieve objectives, it costs more to obtain clients, per client profitability is less than anticipated or risks were not properly evaluated. 

At Creative, we focus on cash flow. Since cash flow problems cripple so many small businesses its importance cannot be overstated. Everyday operations suffer because your efforts are concentrated on crisis management, collecting money on outstanding invoices to meet your financial obligations or getting financing. Sales can suffer. Morale can suffer. Needed capital improvements are delayed or canceled. If a company fails to have sufficient cash to pay its employees, suppliers, creditors, they are out of business.

Creative, on an outsourcing basis, acts as a Rent A CFO to small businesses in need of financial acumen and financial maturity that a chief financial officer provide, but cannot afford such a person on a full time basis.


Every business needs money and it is Creative's role to help our Clients obtain it. Our first priority is to understand our Clients financing requirements, short-term as well as long-term. We are sensitive to the day-to-day pressures that businesses face, and we recognize the importance of obtaining funding quickly. We develop the strategies and action plan to facilitate a cost-effective method to for you to obtain your financing. Our creative and innovative problem solving approach enables us to offer flexible solutions that not only meet your immediate financial needs, but your future needs, as well.

Creative, through our division, is committed to helping you fuel the growth of your business. We provide creative solutions and our funding sources provide flexible financing so that you can achieve your business goals. We help build the financial strength of your company so that it will qualify for traditional bank financing. Our recognized financial expertise allows us to enjoy working relationships with a wide array of funding sources that can enable your business to reach the next level.

Since commercial banks are highly regulated, they cannot provide your business with the wide array of financing solutions provided by We do what commercial banks cannot do. We get you funding when you do not meet all of the commercial bank's stringent loan criteria.

Through our programs we provide your company the funds it needs to move forward. Money provided through our programs can be used for whatever your company needs, such as:

Kick-start your businesses

Address cash flow crises caused by seasonality peaks and valleys

Recover from a series of financial challenges 

Increase your sales

Expand your Business

Finance your Business' Growth

Obtain the best trade terms from your suppliers

Take advantage of trade discounts and special pricing terms cannot be obtained without quick payment

Seize business and market opportunities

Improve your Credit Rating

Free up your Bank Credit Facilities

Payoff or restructure your obligations

Payoff back taxes

Our extensive resources and experience provide you with the maximum financial leverage and the following benefits:

Financial solutions tailored to your business requirements

Strong financial resources

Competitive rates

Fast and efficient response to loan requests

We work with companies doing business in virtually all commercial endeavors. Therefore, when you are looking for funding for your company's growth, there's only one place to turn to, We have the resources and expertise to handle all of your business funding needs.

Mr. Bocian sits on the loan committee for one of its' funding sources. This position enables Creative to provide practical financing solutions to obtaining appropriate financing.

For additional information visit our financing website at

Loan Workouts, Debt Restructuring,Company Turn-Arounds

Most small business owners dedicate their lives to their business. However, one or two external events and/or bad decisions can severely damage their ability to conduct business as usual. These bad external events or decisions may include:

Changes in the economy or within the industry

Miscalculating or not understanding the ramifications of certain business and non-business risks

Not understanding the impact of assumptions when preparing projections

Poor financial controls

Poor cash flow management

Poor credit extension and collections policies

Poor inventory controls

Excessive spending

Miscalculation of market acceptance of new or existing products or services

Not understanding the sales cycle
Miscalculation of ramp-up or roll-out timeframes

Creative works with the small business owner to try to negotiate, restructure and/or "work out" obligations. Restructuring debt, or a "workout," involves an action plan beginning with "stopping the bleeding" through negotiating with creditors. The primary goal is to ease the company's cash crunch, while putting the company back on track, without costly litigation. In many cases, the troubled company can still maintain a working relationship with its existing suppliers.

If the creditor feels that the entrepreneur is disingenuous and is using workout as a ploy to circumvent payment, this approach will not work. Workouts are appropriate when the entrepreneur has been acting truthfully with its suppliers/creditors.

Many owners of troubled companies view bankruptcy as a way to reorganize debt and operate as a more efficient company, post bankruptcy. While larger companies with professionals at the helm take full advantage of the bankruptcy laws, the realities are that very few smaller companies that file for Chapter 11 protection (bankruptcy reorganization) emerge from bankruptcy. Generally the company will be liquidated.

When a company files for bankruptcy, it is not unusual to see a combination of deteriorating sales, collections and productivity, further jeopardizing the company's viability. It is common that customers of the bankrupt company look for other suppliers in anticipation of liquidation, hereby decreasing the bankrupt company's viability. When this occurs, the bankrupt company is, generally, required to liquidate.

Unlike a bankruptcy, a workout is not a matter of public record. In a workout, there are no major events or disclosures that trigger action that could negatively impact a business by its customers, creditors or employees. Since customers are not informed of a workout, customers are less likely to look for other suppliers. Further, workouts do not require financial and other disclosures that may be available to potential customers, existing customers and creditors. Workouts do not require a plan of reorganization be filed and approved by creditors or through the court.

Mr. Bocian has advised both debtors and creditors on loan restructures and workouts. He has advised or successfully restructured on more than $150,000,000 of debt. 

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